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Latest Events


Bio Biz Bash


Bio Biz Bash 2024 is the premier event for clinic owners in alternative medicine and biohacking. Held in Miami, it features keynote speeches, workshops, and networking opportunities. Attendees will explore the latest trends and technologies, fostering collaboration and innovation in health and wellness.

Sept 2024


Ultima Wellness Event


The Ultimate Wellness Event, taking place on September 28th and 29th, 2024, at the Faena Forum in Miami, will be a transformative experience featuring expert-led sessions, hands-on workshops, and opportunities to connect with top professionals in the wellness industry.

Sept 2024


Biohack Your Beauty Event


On September 19, 2024, Dr. Kayte Susse will host the “Biohack Your Beauty” event during Glendale Tech Week. This one-day conference will feature expert-led sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities focused on optimizing beauty from the inside out.

Sept 2024


Biotech Week


Biotech Week Boston is the premier event that accelerates fresh ideas, partnerships, and opportunities in the biotech industry, connecting the brightest minds in science and business from around the world.

Sept 2024


Meeting on the Mesa


The Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa is the premier annual conference for the cell and gene therapy sector, bringing together senior executives and top decision-makers to advance cutting-edge research and commercialization.

Oct 2024


Biohacker Summit Asia


The Biohacker Summit Asia 2024 is set to be a groundbreaking event for enthusiasts and professionals interested in optimizing human performance through science, technology, and nature. Scheduled for October 11-12, 2024, this summit will take place at the Dragon Gate in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Oct 2024


The Med Tech Conference


The MedTech Conference 2024, a premier event for the medical technology industry, will be held from October 15-17, 2024, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada. This conference is renowned for bringing together top industry executives and innovators to explore the latest advancements and trends in medical technology.

Oct 2024


Mindvalley A-Fest


Mindvalley's A-Fest is an invite-only event designed to bring together extraordinary individuals from around the world to connect, grow, and learn from some of the best teachers and visionaries. The upcoming A-Fest will take place from October 3-7, 2024, at the luxurious Six Senses Ibiza in Spain.

Oct 2024


Fitness Tech Summit


The Fitness Technology Summit is a leading event that gathers top executives and innovators in the health and fitness industry to explore the latest advancements in fitness technology. Scheduled for October 21-23, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada, this summit is an invite-only event designed for executive operators looking to stay ahead of industry trends and innovations.

Oct 2024

Las Vegas

Biofuture Summit


BioFuture 2024 is a premier conference where therapeutic pioneers, innovators, and investors gather to shape the future of healthcare and digital health. This year's event will take place in New York City from October 28-30, 2024, with a virtual component from November 5-7, 2024.

Oct 2024

New York

BIO Europe


BIO-Europe 2024, Europe's largest life sciences partnering event, will be held from November 4-6, 2024, at Stockholmsmässan in Stockholm, Sweden. This annual conference is a key platform for fostering global partnerships and innovation in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Nov 2024


Global Wellness Summit


The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) is an influential event that brings together leaders from various sectors of the wellness industry to shape the future of global wellness. The 18th Annual Summit will be held in St. Andrews, Scotland, from November 4-7, 2024, at the prestigious Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa.

Nov 2024


Primalhacker Retreats


Primalhacker Retreats, scheduled for January 2025, offer a transformative experience focusing on biohacking and ancestral health to optimize living. These retreats aim to help participants unlock their full potential through a blend of cutting-edge biohacking techniques and ancient wellness practices.

Jan 2025


Biohacker Expo


Biohacker Expo 2025 - Miami from February 28 to March 1 for a pioneering event dedicated to the latest advancements in biohacking, wellness, and longevity.

Feb-Mar 2025


Dave Asprey Biohacking Conference


Dave Asprey's Annual Biohacking Conference is a flagship event in the biohacking community, bringing together leading experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts to explore cutting-edge health optimization techniques. The 2025 Biohacking Conference will take place from May 28-30 at the Fairmont Austin in Austin, Texas.

May 2025


Health Optimisation Summit


The Health Optimisation Summit is a premier event that unites leading minds in health, fitness, nutrition, and biohacking. The summit will be held in two locations in 2025: Austin, Texas, from April 12-13, and London, UK, from September 13-14. This conference is designed to explore and share the latest advancements in health optimisation and longevity.

Sept 2025


Wellness Technology Summit


The Wellness Technology Summit 2024 will take place on November 19th in London. This event is dedicated to exploring the latest advancements and innovations in wellness technology, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and professionals to discuss and showcase cutting-edge solutions for health and well-being.

Nov 2024


Health 2.0 Conference


The Health 2.0 Conference is a significant global event focused on the latest innovations and advancements in healthcare technology. Scheduled to take place from December 3-5, 2024, at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City, this conference will gather healthcare professionals, policymakers, researchers, and industry leaders to discuss and showcase cutting-edge developments in the healthcare sector.

Dec 2024


Future Health Summit


The Future Health Summit is a premier event that brings together industry leaders, innovators, and healthcare professionals to discuss and shape the future of healthcare. The 2025 summit will be held from May 28-29 at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland.

May 2025


Smart Health Summit


The Smart Health Summit 2024 is a significant event focused on the integration of digital health technologies to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. The summit will take place on September 10, 2024, at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland.

Sep 2024


Human Potential Summit


The Human Potential Summit is a leading event focused on unlocking and maximizing human potential through innovation in education, workforce development, and personal growth. Scheduled for October 14-16, 2024, this summit will take place at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel in Denver, Colorado.

Oct 2024


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